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Ibrahim Lauwson Fofanah

Ibrahim Lawson Fofanah

Global Award-Winning Philanthropist, Businessman, Ambassador for Peace, and Human Rights Advocate.

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My Story

Ibrahim Lawson Fofanah is an accomplished entrepreneur, human rights advocate, extraordinary philanthropist, and founder of the Lawson Fofanah Charity Foundation. Passionate and devoted to the promotion of human welfare and social reforms, he caught this trait and vision from his father while growing up, as he watched his successful business and philanthropic father travel around Africa in a bid to transform the society he lived in. Coming from a small village in Guinea called Konindou that couldn't even be found on the map, his father was passionate about transforming not only his community but the world at large. He was bigger than his village, he was an exception and a difference-maker. Ibrahim Lawson Fofanah out of curiosity watched his father so closely and patiently all the while. Soon, little Ibrahim came to the understanding of why his father would give back to his community and travel around Africa. Therefore he realized that he had a purpose and a mission.  Growing up in Kono district in Sierra Leone, He was very passionate about humanity and was a people person. At a very young age, he gained the heart and the admiration of the local population by being a great community organizer bringing young people together.

His father quickly realized the passion of his son and decided to send Abraham to the United States in the late 80s to further his studies. After completion of his Studies, he was able to establish himself in business quickly in New York City as a young entrepreneur with 3 successful businesses and create employment opportunities for Africans arriving in the states with language barriers and immigrants status. He was one of the first Africans in New York to establish a Delivery messenger service where he employed so many Africans and up to the present that’s his primary business. He received his first award as a business entrepreneur in the year 1997 from the prestigious progress newspaper. From there he never looks back he always measures his success with his achievements. As a visionary leader, he diversified his resources into the restaurant business as one of the first Africans to open two restaurants in Harlem. At his flagship, he will serve free food to the public with the restaurant called Cafe 2115, every Friday for five consecutive years between 2005 to 2010.


In 2017, he founded the Lawson Fofanah Charity Foundation along with his wife to tell the story of his father simply because that's exactly what his father would have him do, to transform and give back to communities around the world. The foundation has since its existence been a channel of transformation, where so many lives and communities are beneficiaries through donations and empowerment programs for children, women, youths, and the elderly in various communities both in the health, educational and other sectors of the society.

These actions led to the attribution of many awards and recognitions from State and local government officials, private companies, groups, and individuals.


Ibrahim Lawson Fofanah is happily married to his darling wife, Makuta Fofanah, who is the president of the Lawson Fofanah Charity Foundation with Four lovely children. So far, the lawson foundation has been a powerful tool of inspiration to so many people around the globe and we are so proud of our inspirational and motivational leadership.

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I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities to inspire. Let's connect.


Phone: +1 (917) 560-1720

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